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Salute’s mission is to transforms military veterans into world class data center technicians, providing civilian career opportunities while helping address the industry’s personnel shortage. To help focus and forward our efforts, Salute has partnered with the Veterans Administration, and relies on a council of veteran advisors.

Salute Inc. is proud of veterans in the data center industry who serve as an example of how to effectively transition from military to a successful civilian career. Their success serves as an example to veterans considering working in this industry. Each veteran’s story is different but what is common is their commitment to the Salute mission.


Through our military roots we have learned, in the harshest conditions, our bonds are established because of shared common values. That values-based philosophy drives greater team performance naturally. At Salute, our inclusive culture yields extraordinary results and serves as an example for others. Our veterans are a highly diverse group of young people who are creating positive change through different ways of thinking and a greater perspective. At Salute, we will continue to do our best to be radically inclusive and to learn, grow and overcome any obstacles together.


  • We will not compromise our employee’s safety or our commitment to ethical treatment of Salute staff.
  • We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality service.
  • We treat our customers and each other with respect and integrity.
  • We are receptive, flexible, and responsive.
  • We take responsibility for ourselves through self-management and by accepting the consequences of our decisions.
  • We take responsibility for our organization through dedication to teamwork, mutual support, and cooperation.
  • We take responsibility for our community by contributing our time and resources to promote positive change.
  • We strive to attract and retain people who are highly competent, creative, and professional; people who are committed to doing their best and to bringing out the best in others.
  • We foster an environment that values diversity and feel that our differences make us stronger.
  • We foster an environment, which supports an individual’s personal & family life by ensuring balance and flexibility with professional commitments.
  • We strive to be active in our communities and contribute both time and resources improving the quality of life for all people.

Salute Inc. was founded in 2013 by Lee Kirby and Jason Okroy who brought a wealth of experience in both the military and commercial IT operations. With their unique perspective, they noticed two different, yet equally urgent, problems. First, many veterans who had returned from serving their country struggled to find civilian jobs. Second, an entire industry—data centers—struggled to find both entry level and skilled staff who could perform reliably in a mission-critical facility environment. Seeing an opportunity to address both problems in one master stroke, Salute was born, with its mission to recruit and train veterans in all of the processes and tasks required to deploy, manage, secure, and decommission data centers. Since then, more than 2,000+ veterans have been introduced to the industry by Salute, and many leading data centers have benefited from the discipline and integrity that is ingrained in these personnel from their time in the military. The dedication and skills that Salute’s teams provide have helped get data centers up and running as these services are available through all stages of the data center life cycle, both in the U.S. and around the globe.

Primary Business

Key points of deployment

Speed of deployment, flexibility and agility are key to running a data center operation in today’s IT business environment and keeping pace with market demands. Salute Mission Critical works with you to adapt our strengths and provide a tailored solution that lets you meet the challenges you’re facing. Fill any manpower gap and get the hands-on skills you need to execute facility deployment while lowering total operating costs. Salute helps you realize returns that are critical to success in the race to capture and retain market share. From the moment your racks arrive at the loading dock, through installation and commissioning, until the moment you can flip the switch and put them into production, Salute Mission Critical serves all your deployment needs.


Functions in this area include:

  • Rack and stack – material and installation services to support networks and server deployments
  • White glove services – physical labor to move and secure racks to a designated location (24 hours SLA guarantee for 20 rack deployments from racks landing to being powered up)
  • Containment, cable trays & drop ceiling – material and installation services according to your exact specifications
  • Structured cabling material and installation – configure and install fiber and copper cabling throughout the data hall
  • Day porters project management and execution – provide dedicated teams to maintain proper cleanliness during the construction process
  • Post-construction cleaning – helping you meet critical turnover deadlines from contractor to owner, with full environmental audit including particle count reports

Day-to day management of a mission critical IT operation requires performing hundreds of tasks and attending to thousands of pieces of equipment every day. Having reliable on-site manpower and the agility to adapt quickly is critical to ensure your operation is aligned to the needs—and the speed—of the business. Salute Mission Critical provides disciplined, highly trained, multi-skilled technicians to handle all on-site tasks to achieve optimal results. You’ll receive the highest-quality services structured to eliminate unnecessary costs and flex to your capacity needs, reducing operating expenses and increasing reliability. Salute’s Management Services can include any of the following. Typically, clients use a combination of several services, tailored to their unique needs.


On-site Operations Support

Multi-skilled (Mech/Elec/IT/NOC/Security) Technicians to support 24×7 operations; customized to fit your requirements with the ability to adapt quickly and provide all functions required on-site, or specific functions in a multi-vendor environment


Hands-on Technical Support

From basic tasks like securing cabling, checking port numbers, observing or reporting indicators on equipment, basic observation of environment and server re-boots to more complex activities provided by seasoned technicians, such as management of colocation equipment, setting up firewalls, media and supply management, complex cable configurations, equipment testing and troubleshooting, circuit testing, and rack and stack


Technical Security

Onsite presence to provide access control and secure building functions

Command Center

Salute can provide a dedicated facility and resources to manage remote facilities using technology to monitor and escalate appropriately, including ticketing and dispatch functions per service levels ensure timely resolution



Cleaning Services

An effective data center cleaning preventive maintenance program will help prevent downtime, increase performance and reliability, and ensure equipment remains reliable through its expected lifetime. Salute’s data center cleaning services prevent damage and corrosion of your valuable IT equipment, helping you avoid costly downtime



Critical Power Services

  • Battery replacement and purchase
  • Battery preventive maintenance
  • Battery monitoring
  • Battery capacity testing
  • Data center thermal imaging




We know what Mission Critical means. Salute teams are made up of veterans, who bring the same discipline and integrity to serving our data center customers as they once brought to serving our country. They know how to get in and get the job done right.


Wherever you are in the data center lifecycle, Salute has the resources and skilled personnel to provide the hands-on support and services you need.

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